A hands-on guide to enabling AppArmor for your container workloads

AppArmor is a standard Linux Security Module implementation that allows you to enforce fine-grained control over your Linux system, over and above the group and user-level permissions. So, it helps restrict your programs to only the limited set of resources, files, and other permissions it needs to work. …

Using Python and matplotlib to find the cashback coefficient

You might have wondered that when you get a 10% cashback on something, you get a 10% discount. That is how most businesses trick their customers into believing. Well, you’ll be surprised that, in reality, the effective discount due to cashback is lesser than what you thought. …

A hands-on guide to applying the principle of least-privilege on container’s syscalls

A key

Kubernetes has been there for a while, and it has since been very popular with tech enthusiasts as well as serious businesses. While it seeks to improve the way we deploy and run applications, and it’s a quantum leap in itself, it is a relatively new technology taking steps to…

Declarative management of Kubernetes resources with a hands-on example


Kubernetes is one of the well-known container orchestrators and has led to the development of an entire ecosystem around it. It has allowed organizations to manage their container applications with ease by providing several resources to manage container deployments, replicas, scaling, service discovery, and networking through a single API Interface.

Declarative continuous deployment for your Kubernetes workloads


Argo CD is an extremely popular declarative, GitOps-based continuous delivery tool. It is an open source tool and part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

It is effortless to install and set up, and it offers various features and a jazzy UI to manage all your application requirements. In…

The new serverless solution using the friendly Kubernetes API

Plane taking off

We are at a historic juncture at the moment. Google has attempted to put a serverless solution behind a friendly Kubernetes API. It recently launched GKE Autopilot, which offers us a serverless option while running the popular managed Kubernetes solution.

So, instead of launching a GKE cluster with worker nodes…

Gaurav Agarwal

Author of Modern DevOps Practices — https://packt.link/XUMM3 | Certified Kubernetes Administrator | Cloud Architect | Connect @ https://gauravdevops.com

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