My journey writing a technical book and why you should consider writing one

Modern DevOps Practices by Gaurav Agarwal

A hands-on guide to enabling AppArmor for your container workloads

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Using Python and matplotlib to find the cashback coefficient

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The Problem

1st Iteration

A hands-on guide to applying the principle of least-privilege on container’s syscalls

A key
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Declarative management of Kubernetes resources with a hands-on example

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Declarative continuous deployment for your Kubernetes workloads

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Why Argo CD?

  • Git is the single source of truth.
  • Git is the single place to operate all environments…

The new serverless solution using the friendly Kubernetes API

Plane taking off
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Run a vulnerability scanner on your container images within CI/CD pipelines

Star Wars lego figurines
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Do Infrastructure and Config As Code the right way

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What’s the change, who’s impacted, how does one migrate, and why it isn’t a reason to panic?

A flow chart: Kubelet > Dockershim > Docker Engine > Containerd > Containers
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Gaurav Agarwal

Author of Modern DevOps Practices — | Certified Kubernetes Administrator | Cloud Architect | Connect @

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